Resell Timiun Voucher

Start a business with an international Brand by reselling Timiun Voucher.

Your success is our success

About Voucher

Timiun Voucher is a card that allows Customers Topup their Wallet without using their Credit card/Debit Card. It is a 12 digit code generated by Timiun to give user ease of Recharging their wallet even those without Bank account, so they could still enjoy the experience of shopping online with Timiun.





With Timiun, great responsibility comes with even greater benefits. Here are some of the multiple benefits of being a Timiun Voucher Reseller;

20% Commissions

You earn 20% commission from every voucher sold by you. Timiun gives you more opportunity to earn with their user base. The demand for voucher is so high that you can always have turn overs daily, weekly, Depending on your Location.

Lowest starting capital

As a Voucher vendor, You can easily startup a business with Timiun by Reselling Timiun voucher on Campus, Your city and Country. Getting started does not require much capital to start because you can print any quantity your pocket money / business money can print. The demand for voucher is so high, giving you turn overs daily/weekly.

Basic Requirements

Below are the Basic Requirements to Become a voucher Vendor with Timiun.

  • A Valid Identity Card (Voters Card, NIN, Driver Lincense Etc.)
  • A Smart Phone or Laptop
  • Have a Good communication Skills
  • Internet Knowledge